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Monday, August 26, 2013

"Could not find any information for the class named ..."

If you're running into an error in XCode that says: "Could not find any information for the class named _____", here's what I did to make it go away, and hopefully it works for you as well.

So, I ran into this strange-but-common issue where you've dragged a UIViewController into a storyboard and then you try to drag a connection to a named outlet. Now, granted, I did more than that. I think I might have also changed my device type to universal at some point there, but regardless, what I ended up with was an error when I tried to drag a connection from my control to an outlet in the header of my UIViewController subclass.

Upon seeing the red error message, I tried a couple of things that I found on Stackoverflow. One of which was to close and re-open XCode. While this seemed to work for some people it didn't work for me. But, you might as well try it:

1) Fix attempt #1; Close and re-open XCode (this works for some people)

But, if you're like me and you try to drag a control to an outlet after restarting but you still get the error, well then, welcome to the club.

Here's what I did that fixed the issue:

2) Fix attempt #2; I deleted the UIViewController in the storyboard designer, re-added it, and set my UIViewController subclass on the controller in the designer.

That worked for me. It was sort-of annoying to have to do this, but it saved me time in the end and gave me good meat for my blog post.

If this doesn't work for you, please tell us what DOES work for you in the comments section. Thanks!

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