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Thursday, October 31, 2013

NSInteger to int

So, you want to convert an NSInteger to an int do you?

Somewhere there is a developer who is at the end of their tolerance for the querks of a language or an SDK. Somewhere, someone is begging for consistency in converting objects to primitives. We have NSStrings that have built-in methods for converting to primitives, so what the heck is wrong with my NSInteger class? There's no [NSInteger intValue] method!

Well, the answer is:

  NSInteger *currentPage = 42;
  int myInt = currentPage;

... apparently not that complicated.

{Sigh} For the purpose of calculations, you can treat NSIntegers as being barely anything more than 32 or 64 bit integers in disguise. 

Now go,  and bring glory to the house of your kinsmen!

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