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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

iOS Create a Class Instance by Name

So, you want to create an object instance from a Class object or NSString, eh?

Reflection, as it is more commonly known in Java parlance, is a super-power that allows you to go from a String name to an actual living, breathing, object instance.

If you saw our previous example, we showed you how to get a Class instance from a String name. Now, we'll take that example a little further and show you how to create an instance from it. Here we go:

  // Get a Class object from a NSString... magic!
  Class dictionaryClass = NSClassFromString(@"NSMutableDictionary");
  // Use 'reflection' to create an NSDictionary
  NSMutableDictionary *dict = [[dictionaryClass alloc] init];
  [dict setObject:@"Test" forKey:@"TestKey"];
  // Yep, its
  NSLog(@"%@", [dict objectForKey:@"TestKey"]);
  // >> Test

99.999-proof magic right there.

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