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New from iOS Rocket Surgery Swift Video Tutorials: The rapidly evolving Apple-iOS ecosystem has just been thrown into tumult with the recent introduction of the Swift Programming Language. Are you ready to finally try iOS development? Are you needing to switch from Objective-C to Swift? Sign up today for our free video courses!
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iOS Rocket Surgery is focused on creating high-quality code examples and tutorials to help new iOS developers as well as intermediates to overcome intermittent obstacles in daily coding life. We're the place you go to remember that one trick you did you get your app working the way you wanted it to.

This started as the code-blog of Barry Welch, a Wichita web developer, a co-founder of Daring Labs and freelance consultant, but has grown to encompass more and more scope and take on new challenges.

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Easy NSDateFormatter Tool

Save yourself some time in formatting your NSDates to NSStrings, and use the Blind NSDate app, which you can download from iTunes. There's also a website where you can format your NSDates:

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